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Construction Site Pipes

Business strategy enablement

Nowadays, a good business-IT alignment is essential for realising  an organisation's strategic goals. This starts with a clear organisation structure with well defined business functions, processes and information. I've modeled the architecture of several organisations and administered them into structured enterprise architecture repositories. In turn, I've used these to analyse organisational structures in order to find possible improvements.


Software solutions can take a significant time to implement. This can be reduced by careful strategic planning and preparing the architectural runway in order for new solutions to make a soft landing. I've defined clear architectural principles on multiple levels - business, information, application, etc. - in order to guide  the delivery of software solutions that actually deliver value.

My technical background enables me to reality-check the 'pink clouds' on the white board.

Zen Stones


Many organisations are dealing with organically grown application landscapes. The causes for this may vary, but often they are the result of previous lack of organisational planning or mergers & acquisitions. The resulting application landscape is hard to maintain and consists of siloed solutions with overlapping functionality.

I've helped organisations with analysing and charting their existing application landscape to identify possible paths to simplification and reduction of costs. When available, I've used specific tooling to administer, analyse and visualise different architecture viewpoints. Additionally I've  produced transitional roadmaps to gradually plan the improvements over time, providing means for project managers to control their projects.

Geometry Tools

Tools & Concepts

Sparx Enterprise Architect - BiZZdesign Architect - QPR - Archi - MS Visio

Archimate - TOGAF 9 - NOVIUS Architecture Framework - BiModel IT

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