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Designing and developing solid (cloud) solution architectures based on modern, resilient micro service and event driven architecture principles.

Transitioning legacy applications to a modern architecture and defining an evolutionary path or roadmap to enable that goal.



Aligning the IT roadmap with the strategic vision. Modelling business processes and creating and maintaining enterprise architecture repositories.

Rationalisation of application landscapes by streamlining the existing application portfolio and removing waste and unnecessary (integration) complexity.


Guiding software engineering teams in increasing their software craftsmanship with regard to (unit) testing, the application of modern patterns and practices, etc.


   Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the agile delivery process through applying CI/CD practices and identifying and removing waste from the  process.



Hi! I'm Rogier Schrama. I'm a versatile solution and enterprise architect with more than twenty years of experience in the field of software architecture and design. Having a solid background in designing and building complex software solutions in a broad variety of domains, I can trust on years of experience to guide my professional judgement.

While my heart lies with software and solution architecture, I do have significant experience as a certified enterprise architect, helping organisations with getting a grip on their application landscape and strategic portfolio. I believe that technical understanding and affinity with business processes are mutually enforcing capabilities, leading to better and more rational results in the end.

During my career I've fulfilled several leadership positions, on department as well as on team level. I operate best in organisation cultures where there is a high level of trust, a can-do mentality and freedom to experiment. Technology is moving at the speed of light within the IT realm and therefore I believe that keeping your knowledge up-to-date and sharing knowledge are essential. Although next to continuous learning being essential it is also just a lot of fun to discover new stuff and being part of innovation.


Please  take a look on my site to see if I could be a fit for helping you with your current IT architecture challenge. Feel free to contact me at any time!

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